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Tropical Centennial Pale Ale - #100

Our 100th brew! Made with Centennial hops, of course. This classis pale ale has a beautiful deep orange color thoroughly hopped with Centennial hops. Made from a split batch with #101, this pale ale is finished off with a Citra hops tincture. Fermented with Omega's Cosmic Punch Ale yeast, enjoy the vibrant grapefruit, passion fruit and guava notes.

5.9% ABV

Vanilla Oatmeal Porter - #103

A divine blend of vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and roasted malt notes swirl together to create a smooth Oatmeal Stout with a crisp finish. The true signature of this beer comes from the addition of whole vanilla beans to the final stage of conditioning. These vanilla beans were extracted using Three Flyod's Divine Rite whiskey. Slightly sweet with a rich complexity, this vanilla oatmeal stout is decadent and delicious.

6.1% ABV

101 Centennial Pale Ale - #101

Split batch with our 100th brew, this pale ale is well-hopped with Centennial hops and topped off with a Cenntennial tincture kicker. Similar in style to an ESP, the fermentation imparts a unique fruitiness and noticeable finishing sweetness.

5.5% ABV

Fall Down American Brown - #102

Just in time for Fall, this American Brown ale delivers the classic brown style with a hoppy addition to make it American. It is along the more tame lines of the style, and uses a simple base of American 2-row, biscuit, chocolate, and crystal 120L malts. Half pound of Biscuit and Chocolate help to give the toasted and roasted notes respectively, while a whole pound of crystal 120L give it even dark color, with a richer stone fruit sweetness.

5.2% ABV

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